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Sofware Engineer | Developer

B.E., Computer Science '21, Computer Science Engineering(Anna University)

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Madhukaran is an experienced Software Engineer and Developer. Madhukaran is currently studying Computer Science Engineering at Kingston Engineering College(Affilitate Anna University),vellore, Tamilnadu, .

A detailed-oriented, responsible and committed engineer, Madhukaran has designed, implemented and tested complex web, mobile, and machine learning applications using variety of programming languages and technologies. Madhukaran is also a quick learner with strong problem-solving, leadership, management and communication skills, comfortable working as a team or individually.

In his free time, Madhukaran writes articles on Tensorbugs.


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Object Detection using R-CNN algorithm - Final Year Project

An Object Detecion Project using ML and Tensorflow Library and using the R-CNN algorithm for detecting and classfying the list of ojects on the area.

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Django Blog Web - An Open-Source Web Blogging platform.

An Open-Source blogging platform like Medium and Real Python built with Python and Django. It has a number of features needed for a standard blogging platform As similar as Wordpress and Blogger.

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Infoomagazines - A Deployed Django Blogging platform like Medium

A same Django blog With the extend Funtionalities with Proper Backend and SEO. The blog is deployed on Heroku it can be extend to more far for the Future.

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Tensorbugs - A Tech Blog

Tensorbugs is a Tech blog powered with CRM of Google Blogspot. The project is currently active and holds some tech posts on the blog. the blog will be full of new posts and updates.Checkout the Blog here.

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